respect the pause.

feel your heart...beat.

nurture heart.flow for self & others.

become the calm.


easy eyes.

hands in lap.

become the breath.

engage the pasture.

take in the beauty. listen. look.

feel the ground beneath you.  

become one.

simply sit.


  om shanti. shanti. shanti.

simply be.

cultivate & attend to the feelings that come

during moments of pausing...

then gently put into practice the art of

navigating & negotiating the acts of

mind, body & spirit 

 ---- beyond the chaos.

 -breathe in the calmness of pause -

Dr. Angie Hissong has 30 years of experience as an educator

and community-based occupational therapist. Her practice is focused

in the areas of lifelong learning and women's health & well-being. 

She holds certifications in mindful meditation, life balance coaching,

integrative reflexology & yoga. She greatly values the connection

between humans-nature-animals. Angie lives and learns on the

family farm - where they grow culinary & fragrant lavender,

fruit, vegetables, and occasionally - hemp. 

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let's gather in the pasture.


Wherever you are, that is the entry point.

- Kabir

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