Our Lavender Fields...

Simplicity is ultimately

a matter of focus. 

-Ann Voskamp

As a family of 5th and 6th generation farmers,

we thrive in the dirt and are constantly thinking

about what we want to grow next... 


The idea of growing lavender on the farm has been with us for a while AND all of us need a little more peace. In the spring of 2018, we decided to give lavender a whirl by planting 1000 Grosso plants. 

We had a nice harvest of 500+ bundles of Grosso the summer of 2019, which we shared with family+friends, helped organize   

THON fundraiser with Penn State Occupational Therapy students,

and sold via FB Marketplace.


Summer2020: The lavender fields have expanded with several 

culinary varieties that produce beautiful buds - perfect to

facilitate the scent & taste of peace in sweet & savory dishes...

our favorite is making a mixed salt of lavender, basil & parsley -

we put it on everything from eggs to grilled chops. 

Fragrant Grosso was made into oil, hydrosol, and bundles.

Over the winter we will experiment making & testing a few products. Bundles are being sold locally & we will again

be doing a fundraiser for THON with Penn State OTA students.

We have come to find, lavender is the perfect balance-break gift,

as favors at baby/bridal showers, weddings, and/or simply as a

gift to yourself...it relaxes all the senses in a matter of minutes.


Contact us if you would like information about

purchasing bundles of fragrant and/or culinary lavender.


Pricing varies for wholesale

and bulk quantities.