The Mindful Collaboration Triad

Embody.  Facilitate.  Nurture.


  • In a Nutshell...What is Mindfulness?


  • Deconstructing Mindful Collaboration in OT Practice


  • Being ever so Mindful of Therapeutic Use of Self & The Intentional Relationship

  • Engaging Mindfulness along the Occupational Therapy Journey...

  • Cultivating a Mindful Daily Practice: Closer Look at Person-Environment-Occupation-Performance Model (PEOP) and Habits, Roles & Rituals in the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework

  • Being - Doing - Becoming Mindful in Our Everyday Work Relationships

  • Daily Practice of The SEED Method of Meditation for the Healthcare Practitioner

RELATED ARTICLES by Various Authors

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  • Being Mindful about Mindfulness:  An Invitation to Extend Occupational Engagement into the Growing Mindfulness Discourse (Elliot, 2011)

  • Mindfulness in Occupational Therapy Education (Gura, 2010)



  • Engaging in Mindful Collaboration: Embody. Facilitate. Nurture. (Hissong, POTA Plenary, 2017)

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