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Since the early 90's, on a bright sunny day, I have taken our dogs a ride during the last week of May. It has become a tradition of ending the academic year & allowing summer to shine in, around, and through us. It is a time to appreciate that I will be able to spend more time with family, friends, and my beloved dogs. For those years before the boys were in school - there was an infant, toddler, or preschooler to join in the sun gazing, wildlife sightings, and coconut donuts. *Yes, those were the days I hold closest to my heart.

As Sofe, Harper, and I were enjoying the breeze blowing in our faces and the sun shining down on our heads this morning, I pondered the ritual I've come to crave as May comes to a close. It dawned on me that the day's routine to bring in summer with the dogs has always been the same: 1) get chores done, 2) get everything in the car we need for the drive by 1030AM, 3) call Milky Way and order a dilly burger basket with fries & two coconut donuts. With the widows & sunroof open, we drive slowly to get lunch and then head to James Buchanan Birthplace or Cowan's Gap to eat our lunch. I get most of the one dilly burger, fries, and a half of donut. The pups get the other dilly burger along with some of mine, fries, and a donut + a half.

Post lunch, we drive slowly around the local farms and on a few dirt roads in search of wildlife and wild flowers. We always see a groundhog or two, birds, butterflies, squirrels, and rabbits; however, the dogs are content to keep moving & simply enjoy the ride. The wildflowers at this time of the year are stunning and I can't help but stop & pick a few to enjoy - this last week of May.

This ritual of honoring a change of pace as May is pure bliss...with the dogs we love.

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