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chestnuts hulls & grapevine.

today, in this world. all is not calm. all is not bright. however, today I am thankful in my world there are opportunities of stillness, joy, and light. I am humbled in knowing - how the day begins and ends it basically up to me. I am able to make the choice of how to respond to the chaos that is constantly swirling around the universe.

being honest, it has been a wild and wooly September; however, this morning I got up - put on my muds and grabbed a muslin bag to put a few cracked chestnut hulls in. I knew that Mia and the goaties would be waiting at the barn door for breakfast. today, I wanted to take them a long walk in part of the pasture we haven't explored yet - down over a grassy hill to a small stream and then up over another large hill. I knew they would accept the challenge - walking calming at first then running around to find the perfect patch of grass and then finally stopping to find me. oh the joy, of them looking around to find me - making sure I am tagging along & enjoying the brightness of the sun popping through the trees to warm the tops of our heads.

these moments of alternating movement and stillness [with the animals] fuel me each day. these moments in the pasture that I have cherished deep within my bones for so long now have certainly become a joyful routine - they are paramount in calming my mind, body & spirit, so I can do the tasks I need to do at home and at work.

so you say what about the chestnut hulls - I have been experimenting all summer with using items that I find in the pasture to massage Mia and the goaties. it has sort of become our morning and evening ritual after the walk. last week the discovery was the hard chestnut hulls in a muslin bag are the perfect horse/goat neck massager. tomorrow we are trying a thick hunk of weaved grapevine.

Namaste, dear ones.

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