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Compassion: Moments lead to a Journey

Compassion. Sit with it. Deep breath in...deep breath out. We have a choice of how to approach and live through what is happening in and around us. We have the opportunity to build compassion in our hearts and expand that energy through the rest of our mind, body, and spirit. We truly do. Let's pause for a moment: Assess your surroundings. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Consider who and what in your environment could use a bit of compassion today. Visualize your positive heart energy going to them, give them a call or send them a quick text or e-mail - a simple "You are on my mind - happy day!" will do. Breathe in. Breathe out.

We make a choice in the moment to give compassion to a person, to a situation, to an animal. When I am frustrated lately, I am finding it more and more helpful to -pause- and breathe into the space, into my own being. This gives me time to process the situation and act within it - instead of reacting in a way that doesn't fit how I want my life to unfold.

I know this for certain - the choice I make in the moment impacts my journey - I am feeling & knowing this more and more as I move along the path.

Come sit with me in the pasture & pause on this thought: I deserve compassion, as do those around me. Namaste dear one. May your day be full of light, love & positive energy.

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