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Musings from the Lavender Fields

As I sat in our lavender & hemp fields this past weekend I was overwhelmed with emotions. Joy & gratitude that I get to spend time with my family and friends. Exhaustion ~ cutting 300 lavender plants for the first time was a challenge. Anxiety in thinking about how we are going to get this luscious lavender to folks so they can enjoy the calming effects of this wonder-plant.

Then I got to thinking about my goal for pasturepause...and how I would like to see it make a difference in people's lives the same way the concepts and notions have made a difference in my journey.

So I'm going to tell you a bit more about pasturepause - the history, the notions, and the desire to facilitate folks come more in tune with their own health & well-being. It's about farm living, about wellness and a lot about wanting to make people's lives brighter & better in any way possible - since we have to be here, we might as well do it with minimal stress while nourishing ourselves and others - that's the goal every. single. day.

PasturePause is rooted in my experiences as a farmer, holistic occupational therapist, and teacher.

I offer it as a balance break... May you land easy & find a quiet and peaceful spot for your mind, body & spirit.

Over the years, within practice and research, I've listened to people's stories of balancing roles and responsibilities along the journey.

Three themes have been consistent:

1) People find ways to navigate obstacles of existence on a daily basis. Every day there is something or someone that gets in the way of productivity.

2) People negotiate with others & self on minor and major life events with a frequency that is sometimes exhilarating..but often exhausting.

3) There are choices to be made - every single day, many times a day.

I actually started writing this narrative twenty years ago; however, it is now that I find myself increasingly nudged to share my story of challenges and celebrations - which have been key in sustaining my own walk upon this journey of navigating & negotiating life.

Some days are easy and some days are minute-to-minute struggle...each causing me to pause in gratitude for the learning which comes from the experience AND the awareness that I may need a little more time to figure it all out...and that - is okay.

I've made some incredibly positive choices AND I've made some horribly wrong choices that were difficult [at best] to rebound from...however, it has been within the pause where I have found the tools which have made my life rich in being, doing & belonging to this big universe of wonder!

Namaste from the lavender fields...where I hope we meet up sometime soon.

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