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creating moments for heart-swelling goodness

I created this website three years ago as a means to share my passion with others about engaging in mindfulness practices. It is my space for sharing how nature, meditation, yoga, writing, and creative projects on the farm - speak to & fuel my heart.

The picture above is from a meditation journey I created in 2013 as part of my mindful meditation teacher training. The task was to immerse oneself in making a treasure map of everything that swells your heart in love. I've engaged folks in this same activity several times and each time it makes them pause in the goodness of their life - eliciting laughter and joyful tears.

Since May 2017 - a great deal has happened in my personal and professional life.

So much so, I can't even begin to list the highs, the lows, the happy, the sad...however, I can tell you that prayer, mindful movement, and meditation have sustained me through all of it.

Secondary to what life has put in my path - I've been pondering and deconstructing my everyday patterns. The habits, roles, and rituals I've created along the way to stabilize my mind, body, and spirit. So what works and what doesn't work? It is becoming clearer as I pause to consider how it all plays out in my daily walk.

I am feeling a deep burn to continue to explore, create, and share my story at this particular time in the journey - maybe it's the empty-nest, what's happening in the world, or this newly found groovy way of experiencing things in my personal and professional life (I've tipped over into the 50's...and there is something to that number).

I hope that you will come along with me to engage in mindful moments - join me via social media, send me an e-mail, and/or set-up a lunch date to talk about the moments in your life that make your heart swell...AND how to create more of that!

In the choice to let go of your known way of being,

the whole world is revealed to your new eyes.

-danna faulds

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