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Lavender is HERE!

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

We harvested, bundled, and hung a ton of lavender to dry in the barn this past weekend. This was our 3rd harvest and we were in the groove! Woohoo! I don't know how the guys do it, but they have the stamina to stay the course & cut until the job is done. We were thrilled for cooler mornings and clouds most of Friday.

The fragrant and culinary bundles are beautiful this year - lavender is a picky plant and it won't grow unless it has the perfect conditions at its roots. Well, this spring brought it what it wanted to grow AND grow it did!

We have connected with some lovely people in/around the area who will be selling lavender bundles and other related products, so make sure to visit Grayce Gardens on Rt30 and Hess Orchard on Rt316 in Chambersburg or The Cumberland Shop in Shippensburg. I'll have lavender at the 1st annual Maker's Market at Lifestyle NextDoor in Bedford on 1July2021. And, Anam Cara Apothecary will be using our lavender to process oil and hydrosol as a base for many of their products. We can attest that Anam Cara's all organic and natural BUGGER OFF works like a dream...our resident bees were not happy we were cutting their lavender - but we sprayed BUGGER OFF - they were happy & we were happy!

We appreciate ALL of these folks and hope you will visit them in support of buying locally grown and home-made products. Additionally, if you'd like to purchase bundles for an event (i.e. wedding, bridal/baby shower, birthday party) or to make lavender wreaths for a girl's night out...please contact us - we'd be happy to put a lavender bundle package together for you.

As always - may calm find you when you need it!

mindful of the moments - angie.

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